Boss ghost killer

Ghost Killer is available when you have completed the Showdown with Victor job in the Meatpack area, giving you Boss Victor's Cell Phone.

Basic InformationEdit

Maximum Participants: 15
Boss Fight Time: 72 hours
Rewards Collect Time: 48 hours
Total Boss Health: 4,375,000

Maximum Collectible Empire Points: 78,750 (per person over highest epic threshold)
Over hitting past the last threshold will reduce the overall empire points available to other players.


Speed KillsEdit

1 Star: 28:01:24
2 Star: 18:05:04 
3 Star: 4:27:57


Stage 1Edit

  • Icon class enforcer Hawk (625,000 HP)
  • Icon class enforcer Shadow (1,000,000 HP)

Stage 2Edit

  • Icon class enforcer Hugo (1,000,000 HP)

Stage 3Edit


Epic ThresholdsEdit

  1. 670 points
  2. 1,450 points
  3. 2,400 points

Epic RewardsEdit

Uncommon RewardsEdit

Common RewardsEdit

Completion DialogueEdit

You defeat Victor!

Victor: "You've been deceived."

Victor: "I knew your father. He was a good man."

Victor: "Your father, Frank and I entered the criminal world together. In our hey day, we were young an unstoppable."

Victor: "It was Frank who put out the hit."

Victor: "After your father's death, all out war broke out... Frank's numbers were overwhelming, but my men are loyal. I kept him down for all these years... until you showed up."

Victor: "You've taken out my forces and now the balance of power has shifted. Frank is unstoppable."


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