Boss the titan

The Titan is available when you have completed Frank's Last Stand job in the Westside area, giving you Boss Frank's Cell Phone.

Basic InformationEdit

Maximum Participants: 15
Boss Fight Time: 72 hours

Speed KillsEdit

1 Star: 25:40:04
2 Star: 16:54:06
3 Star: 4:00:00


Stage 1Edit

  • Icon class enforcer Enforcer I
  • Icon class enforcer Enforcer II

Stage 2Edit

  • Icon class assassin Kill Squad Assassin
  • Icon class heavy weapons Kill Squad Captain
  • Icon class sniper Kill Squad Backup

Stage 3Edit

  • Icon class enforcer Armored Car

Stage 4Edit


Epic ThresholdsEdit

  1. 3,000 points
  2. 6,000 points
  3. 12,000 points

Epic RewardsEdit

Rare RewardsEdit

Uncommon RewardsEdit

Common RewardsEdit

Completion DialogueEdit


Frank: "You look just like your father."

Sara: "No, this can't be happening..."

Frank: "They're going to come... Your father was weak. I had to do what I did to protect us."

"Why me? Who is coming ?"

Frank: "You were the only one who could get to Victor. After all these years, that !@#$% refused to die."
"If I don't consolidate power, none of us have a chance to survive."
"Take care of Sara. She's everythng to me. They're going to come and you don't know who you're up against."



Woman: "We've been watching you. Great job eliminating Frank. My employer has great ambitions for you."

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