A player can add other players as allies in two ways:

  • By entering their Friend Code on the "Your Allies" page
  • By paying the cost to hire them from the "Hire Allies" page.

Having more allies allows you to use use more of your lieutenants, weapons, gear, and vehicles in war with another player. There is a limit to the number of allies that helps in this way. By default, the limit is 500, such that you can take 101 lieutenants (1 per 5 allies), 501 weapons, 501 pieces of gear, and 501 vehicles into battle. Sin and Cesar both increase this limit. Everything is at 101/501 while warring because wars consist of you and 500 allies.

A player can have no more than 1,500 total allies. This limit can be exceeded if somebody adds you with your Friend Code when you're already at the limit. When adding someone to your allies who has maxed out allies, the game will notify you that you cannot add this person, but if you look in your allies list that person will be there.

Gifts can only be sent to allies.

Reaching 500 allies opens up the Underboss lieutenant seat.

There are Achievements that can be earned for gaining allies.

If you would like to share your ally code with others, please use the comments.

Ally codes only consist of the characters: a,b,c,d,e,f, 0 - 9. Avoid mistaking the number 0 for the letter O.