This event ran from 19:00 PST 28 June 2018 for 5 days, ending 3 July.

During that time, various actions gave Bowknot Collars and Bell Collars and three Sidekicks could be created in the Tech Lab using these ingredients.

Login - 50 Bell Collars, once per day

Collect from EvE wins - 30 Bowknot Collars, once per day

Jobs/Bosses/PvP - up to 100 Bell Collars per day

Hunt Sidekicks - 10 Bowknot Collars/Hunt

Hunt sidekicks (3x) - 50 Bowknot Collars and 100 Bell Collars

During this time, the new Sidekick, Overbearing Cat could also be obtained directly from the Hunting Range.