When you defeat a Boss, you will be given some rewards, usually referred to as "drops". The exact algorithm used to determine what rewards you get has not been published. We'd like to collect data on the wiki to help figure it out - each boss page has a corresponding page with the same name name plus "/Drops" to gather this data (for example, 'The Titan' has 'The Titan'/Drops).

Here's a list of the possible rewards you may get. Each list entry is independent of the others.

  • You may get a few Class Coins
  • You may get one or more Favor Points
  • You may get some Affiliation Points for one or more Factions
  • You will almost certainly get some of the Common and Uncommon rewards associated with that particular boss
  • If the boss can drop them, you may get either a Concrete Block or Steel Beam
  • If the boss can drop them, and you summoned the boss, you may get a part for Sara
  • If the boss can drop them, you may get a Recombinator
  • Depending on the points that you earn for that boss, you may get from one to three of the Epic rewards associated with that particular boss other than the ones listed above. They're not believed to all be equally likely. The wiki attempts to quantify the appropriate thresholds on the boss pages. The general belief is that you will always get two Epics if you reach the appropriate threshold, and that you cannot get three epics unless you reach the third epic threshold, but there is no guarantee of a third epic regardless of the points you accumulate
  • If the boss can drop them, and you earn enough points to get Epic reward(s), you may also get a Legendary reward. The exact determining factors are unknown, but the chance is very small (<1%). Legendary items start dropping before the first threshold for Epic rewards. The more points you have, up to the threshold for 5 Epic rewards, the greater your chance of a Legendary drop. Whether you execute at any point in the fight has no effect on your chances of a Legendary reward.
    • From the devs: AP = average points = total points/max participants. Generally, hit over 50% AP = You get the first chance(pretty low) to receive legendary items, more points higher chance. For Legend Bosses, the threshold is 75% AP.

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