Chem-Packs come in 5 levels (I-V) and 5 factions. Levels I-III drop from bosses, while levels IV and V are made in the Tech Lab.

Chem-Packs can be used to increase the Rank of a Lt of the corresponding faction, which boosts their maximum level (Shadow Chem-Packs can be used to boost unaffiliated Lts). The boost they get depends on the level of the Chem-Packs used and the rarity of the Lt, as shown in the table below:

Chem-Pack level Common Uncommon Rare Epic
# of packs needed Level boost # of packs needed Level boost # of packs needed Level boost # of packs needed Level boost
I 2 +2 7 +3 15 +4 25 +5
II 5 +6 15 +9 30 +12 50 +15
III 7 +10 22 +15 45 +20 75 +25
IV 1 +16 2 +24 3 +32 5 +40
V 1 +22 2 +33 3 +44 5 +55

Any Lt ranks are retained if you later combine the Lt to increase their stars. Level boosts must be applied in-order (i.e. you can't use level II chem-packs until you've used level I on that Lt, making them rank I). Ranks are always fixed to a particular Lt, even through Fusion, so if you have a Lt at a given rank and you fuse them away, the next time you acquire that Lt, it will have the earlier rank.

There's a summary table showing which bosses drop which chem-packs at Chem-Packs Table.

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