Content that is only part of the game for a limited time, with different rewards for different players. So far, these events consist of 5 types of major events and 4 types of mini events (Heists).

Major Events Edit

Turf Wars Edit

Turf Wars is predominately an EvE based event. During this event, Turf Points can be earned from using tokens in EvE and Energy/Stamina Consumption. Rewards are given from personal ranking, empire ranking, and total empire Turf Points.

Casino Royale/Holiday Rumble Edit

these involve collecting items by fighting bosses, doing jobs, or by executing other players, then combining those items to make items that could also be stolen by PvP executions. Those items could in turn be combined to create unstealable items. The objective was to obtain as many of those final items as possible.

Battle Royale Edit

PvP-based events where players gain and lose rank as they do battle with other players.

Million Man Boss Edit

A series of boss fights which all players could join.

World War Edit

a series of battles, each pitting 6 empires against one another.

Six's Pirate Booty Edit

the first event. Similar to the later Casino Royale except that the six items that could be collected or stolen were combined directly to make the unstealable goal item.

Mini Events (Heists) Edit

Job Heists Edit

This is a separate job area accessed by the home page banner where the player must use energy to complete all the jobs. Each job yields various crate shards or mysterious tokens. Unlike a normal job area, none of these jobs could be 5 starred, only 1 star. Once fully completed, the area is no longer accessible.

PvP Heist Edit

This event has its own battle list, totally separate from the normal one, where the player must kill other players listed there. Upon execution, it is possible to receive crate shards or mysterious tokens. Attacking higher leveled players would increase the chances for these drops, while attacking lower leveled players would decrease the chances.

EvE Heist Edit

This is a completely free event. The only requirements are to join empire wars to reach various goals which reward you with crate shards and mysterious tokens.

Boss Heist Edit

This is a more difficult mini event and may likely require some spending to complete. Each player has their own boss and is the only one allowed to join within their own boss fight. Calling for backup is not available here. The rewards for this event are the best if the boss is beaten in the first time period. As time continues, the rewards will lessen at certain intervals, but the boss will also become easier to kill.