Players can accumulate lieutenants in various ways. They can be purchased when they are needed for a job, can be obtained from crates, purchased from the Black Market, or as a daily reward, from scratchers, and can be rewards from challenge jobs or boss fights.

Each lieutenant has an attack and defense stat, plus a special ability. Lieutenants have a star rating, a rarity, and a level, with the maximum level determined by the star rating and rarity.

They are initially 1 star. Higher star levels are made by combining identical lower star level lieutenants, so two 1-star lieutenants can be combined into one 2-star lieutenant, two 2-star lieutenants can be combined into one 3-star lieutenant, etc. The maximum star level is 9 (which would require 256 1-star lieutenants). There are Achievements that can be earned by combining lieutenants in this way.

Lieutenant Stars 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Total Lieutenants (Combined/Fusion) 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256

A player can place up to five of their lieutenants into their inner circle. Doing so gives various bonuses depending on which lieutenants occupy which seats.

There's a comparison table on the wiki at Lieutenants Table and a table of lieutenants by faction and Rarity at Lieutenants Faction Rarity Table. Vote for your favorite at Top 10 list:Favorite Lieutenants!

Certain lieutenants become available for purchase at particular levels, if you don't already own them:

AK 1 $2,500
Fang 1 $2,500
John 1 $2,000
Mia 1 $2,500
Charmaine 4 $15,000
Penelope 4 $40,000
Blade 8 $30,000
Cesar 8 $20,000
Hector 15 $50,000
Michael 15 $60,000
Lucas 20 $80,000
Blink 25 $100,000
Caine 40 $200,000
Fox 45 $450,000
Kate 55 $750,000
Tagg 75 $1,000,000