Properties allow a player to generate perpetual income, and some may grant additional abilities.

The income generated by properties is separate from your cash on hand and money in the bank, and must be collected from the properties page to move it into your cash on hand. The rate at which property money accumulates decreases by 90% when your Max Collection limit is reached. This limit can be increased by upgrading your Safe House.

Properties fall into three categories:

  1. Safe House - increases the maximum income that can be accumulated without penalty
  2. Income Properties - provide an income of some amount per hour per level
  3. Upgrade Properties - provide some other beneficial ability. Some also give an income of $1000 per hour

The following achievements are related to properties:

  • Shop (Achievements) - earned by obtaining a certain amount of properties
    • Slum Lord
    • Business Man
    • Real Estate Mogul
    • Property Baron
  • Miscellaneous (Achievements) - earned by obtaining a certain income threshold
    • Collector
    • Landlord
    • Land Developer
    • Real Estate Tycoon

There's a property purchase strategy page on the wiki at Properties: Purchase Strategy, and a property comparison table at Properties Table.

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