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Area Job Energy Total Energy Lt 1 Lt 2 Lt 3 Lt 4 Recombinator
Slums Street Fighter 35 455 John (Common) Colt (Common) Mia (Common) Pain (Uncommon) Common Recombinator
Train Tracks Street Race 50 750 Fang (Common) Penelope (Common) Hammer (Common) Shadow (Uncommon) Common Recombinator
Midtown Drinking Contest 75 1500 Charmaine (Common) Lotus (Common) AK (Common) Caine (Rare) Uncommon Recombinator
Meatpack High Roller 100 1500 Colt (Common) Cesar (Common) Michael (Uncommon) Fox (Rare) Uncommon Recombinator
Downtown Build a Reputation 125 2000 Hammer (Common) Blade (Common) Lucas (Uncommon) Tagg (Rare) Rare Recombinator
Westside Fight to the Death 150 2550 Lotus (Common) Hector (Uncommon) Blink (Uncommon) Kate (Rare) Rare Recombinator
SoCal Street Brawl 185 3700 Mia (Common) Shadow (Uncommon) Hector (Uncommon) Preacher (Rare) Uncommon Recombinator
Italy Gunshow 175 3500 Colt (Common) Blink (Uncommon) Hector (Uncommon) Joey Pepperoni (Uncommon) Rare Recombinator
Amsterdam Dutch Deathski 185 3700 Hammer (Common) Lucas (Uncommon) Blink (Uncommon) Arya (Rare) Uncommon Recombinator
Colombia Machete Spaghetti 185 3700 Mia (Common) Shadow (Uncommon) Michael (Uncommon) Fox (Rare) Uncommon Recombinator
Russia Bear Wrestling 180 3600 Hammer (Common) Cesar (Common) Blade (Common) Boris (Rare) Epic Recombinator
Hong Kong Shaolin Temple 185 3700 Lotus (Common) Michael (Uncommon) Lucas (Uncommon) Dragon Lee (Rare) Epic Recombinator
London Afternoon Tea Race 185 3885 John (Common) Penelope (Common) Tony (Uncommon) Slade (Rare) Epic Recombinator
France Truffle Hunt 190 3800 Colt (Common) Cesar (Common) Blade (Common) Chromium (Rare) Epic Recombinator
Mexico Lucha Libre 195 3900 Hammer (Common) Michael (Uncommon) Shadow (Uncommon) El Toro (Rare) Epic Recombinator
Las Vegas Shark Tank 200 4000 Lotus (Common) Pain (Uncommon) Lucas (Uncommon) Lucky Shot (Rare) Epic Recombinator
Japan Sumo Match 200 4000 Colt (Common) Hector (Uncommon) Blink (Uncommon) Kisa (Rare) Rare Recombinator
Dubai Desert Rain 200 4000 Penelope (Common) Seven (Uncommon) Tony (Uncommon) Porsche (Rare) Epic Recombinator

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