Critical hits can occur during any fight - Wars, Duels, Boss fights, and Empire Wars. Essentially, any time you hit an opponent, there is a small chance of that hit being a critical hit. Critical hits do significant additional damage.

During boss fights, you will occasionally see "Lieutenant Criticals" from specific lieutenants (they don't have to be in your Inner Circle). These critical hits increase the amount of damage that lieutenant deals as part of the attack (see Battle for more information).

Lieutenants Edit

Certain lieutenants increase your chances for a critical hit:

Certain lieutenants decrease your enemies' chances of scoring a critical hit against you:

Certain lieutenants increase the amount of damage you deal on a critical hit:

Class Skills Edit

The Sniper class has a number of skills that affect critical hits in Empire Wars:

  • Head Shot - Increased chance of critical hit (active)
  • Killing Spree - Stacking bonus on critical chance and critical damage on successful critical (passive)
  • Sureshot - Stacking bonus on critical chance on non-critical hits (passive)
  • Ricochet - Chance to deal damage to a secondary target on critical hits.

Equipment Edit

Several pieces of equipment increase the player's critical chance or give certain lieutenants critical bonuses when seated:

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