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Players can send gifts to their allies. Any number of gifts can be sent, but you cannot send a second gift to an ally until they have accepted any earlier gifts you sent them.

There is a set list of items that can be sent as gift, most of which can only be sent once you reach a certain level.

There are Achievements that can be earned by sending gifts.

Levels 1-60:

  1. Lucky Pocket Knife
  2. Mystery Skull Ring
  3. Revolver
  4. Mystery Skull Watch
  5. Mystery Skull Medallion
  6. MAC10
  7. Mystery Stolen Painting
  8. Aviators

Levels 61-160:

  1. Mystery Diamond
  2. Deadly Axe
  3. Baby Eagle
  4. AK-47 Desert
  5. Mystery Statue
  6. Secret Society Ring

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