Inner circle

Activate lieutenants special powers by putting them in your inner circle. At the beginning of the game, only the Right Hand seat is available; 4 more can be unlocked subject to certain requirements.

Right Hand seatEdit

Bonus: Levels up

Requirement: None

Enforcer seatEdit

Bonus: +10% Attack

Requirement: Unlock by completing the job No More Talk, Midtown and unlocking the Right Hand seat.

Captain seatEdit

Bonus: 2x Defense

Requirement: Unlock by completing the job Calling the Captain, Downtown and unlocking the Enforcer seat.

Assassin seatEdit

Bonus: 2x Attack

Requirement: Unlock by reaching Level 100 and unlocking the Captain seat.

Underboss seatEdit

Bonus: 1.5x Attack and Defense

Requirement: Unlock by having 500 allies and unlocking the Assassin seat.

Note that the seat sometimes doesn't actually unlock until you next level up.

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