Boss legends firestorm

To join Legends: Firestorm, you need a Firestorm Passport, which will be consumed upon joining.
To summon Legends: Firestorm, you also need a Firestorm Phone.

Basic InformationEdit

Maximum Participants: 60
Boss Fight Time: 120 hours
Rewards Collect Time: 48 hours
Maximum Collectible Empire Points: 56,160,000 (per person over highest epic threshold)
Over hitting past the last threshold will reduce the overall empire points available to other players.


Speed KillsEdit

1 Star: 34:14:24 - 119:59:59
2 Star: 8:39:29 - 11:30:04
3 Star: 0:00:01 - 2:36:33

Stages (WIP)Edit

There are stages currently missing. In the future, stages will be measured in percentages of the boss fight rather than HP due to such an immense amount of HP.

Stage 1 Edit

Stage 2 Edit

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Stage Edit

  • Icon class heavy weapons Firestorm


Epic Thresholds (WIP)Edit

Legendary bosses drop a maximum of 6 epics. Legend bosses drop 5 epics with a chance at a 6th.
(Passports / Insignias / Recombinators / Empire Items / Legendaries are excluded from the epic drop count)

  • 40,000 Minimum
  • 147,000 Maximum

Legendary RewardsEdit

Epic RewardsEdit

Rare RewardsEdit

Uncommon RewardsEdit

Common RewardsEdit