For other meanings, see Level.

Players gain experience points in whichever of the Classes they were at the time they gained experience. Upon reaching certain thresholds, they will gain a level in that class.

Class XP for the four classes that are initially available is awarded as follows:

Class XP for the other four classes is awarded as follows:

  • <Not sure, except that it is slower>
  • 1 XP per 200 Stamina used on class-specific attacks against Bosses. Note that you can't join the boss battles as the new classes, but you will gain experience in unlocked new classes when you join as the prerequisite class (e.g. join as Sniper and gain experience for both Sniper and Ghost).

The following lieutenants increase the class XP gained:

  • Wraith - Sniper exp boost
  • Palladium - Enforcer exp boost
  • Arrow - Assassin exp boost
  • Walker - Heavy Weapons exp boost
  • Fleur - Class extensions/Tier 2 Classes exp boost (works for all 4 new classes)

The thresholds are as follows:

  • Up to 999 XP - level 1
  • 1,000-4,999 XP - level 2
  • 5,000-9,999 XP - level 3
  • 10,000-19,999 XP - level 4
  • 20,000-39,999 XP - level 5
  • 40,000 - 79,999 XP - level 6
  • 80,000-160,000 XP - level 7
  • 160,000-319,999 XP - level 8
  • 320,000-499,999 XP - level 9
  • 500,000 XP or more - level 10

Four of the classes are always open for all players. The new four classes have to be unlocked by reaching level 3 in a prerequisite class and paying 10,000 Class Coins. The new classes and their prerequisites are as follows:

There are Achievements for reaching level 5 in some classes.

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