For other meanings, see Level.

Each player starts out at level 1. When they accumulate sufficient XP, they gain a level. This grants them skill points to use as they see fit. The amount of XP required to level up increases with your level.

From level 2 - 10, 3 skill points are awarded per level. After level 10, 5 skill points are awarded per level.

The formula for the required xp per level is estimated to be roundup( (12.5 x Level) + 6.25). 

Gaining a level also fully refills Energy, Stamina, and Health.

A player's level affects which players they can battle.

Reaching level 10 allows you to build the Safe House.

Reaching level 100 opens up the Assassin lieutenant seat.

Each gift item is unlocked by reaching a specific level (see the Gift page for details).

Some basic items are unlocked in the shop by reaching a certain level (see the Shop page for details).

Some lieutenants become available for purchase when you reach a particular level (see the Lieutenants page for details).

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