Lieutenant sara

"Don't hold me back."

Lt sara v2

With Overkill Sara Skin

Sara, the daughter of a high-ranking Mafia boss, is eager to show that she is capable of leading the Mafia outside of her fathers shadows. Wanting to prove her worth, she uses her looks and intelligence to run the most dangerous of tasks to accumulate the respect of her peers.

Alignment: The Mafia

Special Ability: Increases Max Energy


Stars Stats at level 1 Max Level Stats at Max Level Power
Attack Defense Attack Defense
1 35 35 35 69 69 +5 Max Energy
2 47 47 50 96 96 +7 Max Energy
3 62 62 75 136 136 +9 Max Energy
4 83 83 100 182 182 +12 Max Energy
5 150
6 200
7 300
8 450
9 650

Rarity: Epic

Obtained from: can be manufactured in 4d in the Tech Lab once you have collected the required 5 ingredients:


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