The Shop is subdivided in a number of ways. Firstly, you must choose between weapons (which includes melee weapons, rifles, handguns, and heavy weapons), gear, and vehicles. Within each of those categories, there is a basic items shop, a battle rank shop, and a list of special items.

Basic Items are always available to buy if they are listed. They are unlocked either by reaching a certain level, or by unlocking a particular area.

Battle rank items are all always listed, although some may say that they cannot be bought until you reach a certain battle rank.

Special items are indeed special in that you can't actually buy them, despite them having prices listed. Items only appear in this list when you obtain them.

For items that you can buy, there's a limit of 10 at a time. Because the price is based on the number you own, you will save money if you always buy 10 at a time.

Michael reduces the cost of weapons.

All items take a certain amount of time to build when purchased from the shop. Brainiac reduces this time for vehicles.

Basic Item AvailabilityEdit

Items unlocked by unlocking an area:

Item Area
Bullet Proof VestMidtown
Sea CorsairMidtown
CNT Combat ArmorItaly
CNT StealthItaly

Items unlocked by reaching a level:

Steak Knife1
Old Bat3
Rusty Crowbar3
Leather Gloves4
Ski Mask4
Tactical Vest6
Classic Muscle7
Electric Knife7
Getaway Car7
Bullet Proof Vest10
Import Tuner10
Razor Steel10
Speed Boat10
Sports Car12
Armored SUV15
Bullet Proof Suit15
Disguised Toy Shotty70
Bacon Greaser70
Gold Backbiter70
Bulldog Umbrella Gun70
Sawback Machete80
Ballistic Knife100
VSS Rifle100
HSV Cyclone100
Ultraluxe Streamliner100
Red Dragon120
Famas H2130
Pistola de Oro140
Guardian Jetpack150

Items unlocked by achieving battle rank:

ItemBattle Rank
Brass Knuckles3
Triple Shot Gun6
Gatling Gun9
Gold Watch12
Master Chainsaw15
Rail Gun21