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Boss skull soldier

Skull Soldier is available when you have built the Skull Ring in the Tech Lab.

Basic InformationEdit

Up to 50 people may participate in the fight.

You have 96 hours to defeat the boss before it flees.

You have 48 hours to collect your rewards after defeating the boss.

The maximum collectable amount of Empire Points from this boss is 327,060. Over hitting the boss may reduce other player's ability to collect the maximum amount.

Speed KillsEdit

1 Star :
2 Star : 14:16:28
3 Star : 5:15:06


Stage 1Edit

  • Street Soldier I (Icon class enforcer)
  • Street Soldier II (Icon class assassin)

Stage 2Edit

  • Spider (Icon class assassin)
  • Street Soldier I (Icon class enforcer)

Stage 3Edit

Recommended Class Edit


Epic ThresholdsEdit

  1. 6,000 points
  2. 12,000 points
  3. 18,000 points

Epic RewardsEdit

Rare RewardsEdit

Uncommon RewardsEdit

Common RewardsEdit

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