For job stars, see Star (Job).

Every Lieutenant you own has a star rating, from 1 to 9. When you first receive a lieutenant, they are usually 1-star. Higher star levels are made by combining identical lower star level lieutenants, so two 1-star lieutenants can be combined into one 2-star lieutenant, two 2-star lieutenants can be combined into one 3-star lieutenant, etc. The maximum star level is 9 (which would require 256 1-star lieutenants).

Different lieutenants of the same rarity can be combined using Lieutenant Fusion, increasing the star rating of one while destroying the others.

The star rating of a lieutenant determines their maximum level, depending on their rarity:

Rarity Icon lieutenant star 1 Icon lieutenant star 2 Icon lieutenant star 3 Icon lieutenant star 4 Icon lieutenant star 5 Icon lieutenant star 6 Icon lieutenant star 7 Icon lieutenant star 8 Icon lieutenant star 9
Common 5 10 15 20 25 35 50 75 100
Uncommon 10 15 20 25 35 50 75 100 150
Rare 20 30 45 60 80 110 150 250 350
Epic 35 50 75 100 150 200 300 450 650

This new way of calculating max Lieutenant level was introduced on April 18, 2013, after the Display Bug fiasco.

When lieutenants are combined, they retain their old level, but they are initially displayed as being level 1.

There are Achievements that can be earned by starring-up Lieutenants.

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