Lieutenant the exterminator

"The dinosaurs never saw me coming!"

The legendary Exterminator appears only to neutralize factions that might threaten the world's balance. He exterminates the playing field without prejudice. Allies and opponents alike are washed away in both tears and blood. Only the Baron is arrogant enough to think he can control The Exterminator's power. But The Baron is wrong.

Alignment: Unaffiliated

Special Ability: Boost Attack on win


Stars Stats at level 1 Max Level Stats at Max Level Power
Attack Defense Attack Defense
1 34 28 35 68 62 +Attack Power on Win.[max:2%]
2 46 38 50 95 87 +Attack Power on Win.[max:3%]
3 61 50 75 135 124 +Attack Power on Win.[max:4%]
4 80 66 100 179 165 +Attack Power on Win.[max:5%]
5 107 88 150 256 237 +Attack Power on Win.[max:6%]
6 142 117 200 341 316 +Attack Power on Win.[max:7%]
7 300 +Attack Power on Win.[max:8%]
8 450 +Attack Power on Win.[max:9%]
9 650 +Attack Power on Win.[max:10%]

Rarity: Epic

Obtained from: Million Man Boss


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