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Boss banner police

The Uncorrupted is available once you complete the Corruption job in the Train Tracks area, giving you the Corrupt Cop's Cell Phone.

Basic InformationEdit

Maximum Participants: 10
Boss Fight Time: 72 hours
Rewards Collect Time: 48 hours
Total Boss Health: 1,000,000

Maximum Collectible Empire Points: 2,000 (per person over highest epic threshold)
Over hitting past the last threshold will reduce the overall empire points available to other players.


Speed KillsEdit

1 Star:
2 Star: 7:13:19
3 Star: 0:00:58 - 2:10:30


Stage 1Edit

Stage 2Edit


Uncommon RewardsEdit

Common RewardsEdit

Completion DialogueEdit

Fighting Duke..


After a long shoot out..


Sara: "Your days of stealing from us are over."

Duke: "Naive lil' girl, your father sent you here cuz' I sided with Victor. You know I can't be bought!"

Sara: "Lair! Enough of your nonsense."

Can't be bought? WHO IS VICTOR? My father's killer...?

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