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Unofficial wiki for the Gaea Mobile iOS and Android game Underworld Empire

Welcome to the Underworld Empire WikiEdit

Underworld Empire Wiki is your guide to everything UE. The intent is to be a comprehensive guide to all aspects of the game as it stands today. It's not quite there yet, but it keeps getting better.

Please note that the wiki is not associated with Gaea Mobile. If you are having a problem, users here may be able to help. If you find a bug, there's nothing we can do except advise you to report it to the developers. For support, you should either go through the game itself or the official forums.

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On This WikiEdit

History of UE Home bosses Home executions Home properties Home Items Home techlab
Home jobs Home classes Home factions Home lieutenants Home PvP Home EvE



Achievements - Ally Codes - Black Market LT List - Crates - Events - Insignias - LT Skins - Promotions - Shop - Strategies

Please Help!Edit

Don't be shy! If you see something that you think can be improved, or you know something that isn't in the wiki, jump in!

There's lots of 'how-to" information at Help:Contributing. There's a template overview at Underworld Empire Wiki:Templates. Feel free to ask questions on my wall!

Want to help, but don't know where to start ? There are some thoughts on Underworld Empire Wiki:Projects, and here are some other ideas:

Big stuff:

Medium-sized parts are:

  • Better organization for the section on PvP
  • Empire Battle and the various pages it links to could all do with a make-over
  • Classes - each class has a page, but there's lots of room to expand on skills, levels, and strategy.
  • Details of how much energy it takes to get each job from 0% to 100% (Template:Job supports a "total_energy" parameter for this, but it needs filling in in lots of places).
  • Information on bosses like total boss health, minion health, empire points, and especially epic thresholds ranges. If you are interested in contributing, you may find the boss data sheets for each boss located at the top of the boss page.

Smaller stuff:

Every little helps!

Other SitesEdit

There's lots of information on the official forums.

The UWE Basics Blog has some useful guidance, particularly for newer players.

The Castle Age Wiki, another game by Phoenix Age with many of the same mechanics.

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